Expand Arizona’s Economy

Arizona has a long and proud history of contributing to America’s economy.  Arizonians are creative, hardworking and have a long history of stepping up to economic demands even before we were a state.  Arizona government must create and foster a fertile arena for business to start and thrive.  This fertile arena must change with time and technology and must not become stagnant.


Crime and Security for Arizona

After serving over 30 years as a police officer and criminal investigator in Arizona, I know firsthand the enormous cost of crime to our families and friends.   Arizona law enforcement needs our support for their missions and resources to complete their jobs to ensure our quality of life in Arizona.


Second Amendment:

Nobody should be a victim of a crime and no honest Arizonan should ever be deprived their right of self-protection, hunting, or recreational shooting.  I fully support the Second Amendment.


Public Corruption:

Working as an investigator for our great state, I have witnessed and investigated the dark side of government employees and elected officials who have made unethical and, at times, criminal choices.  I will support all efforts to improve ethics and values in government.  Arizona government has an image of massive corruption, higher than almost any other state.  This poor image of our state needs to change.  (Please look at the Harvard 2014 study on public corruption)


Family Values:

I support the lives of the unborn and the rights of parents to find schools that match their values.  Family units are the basis of sharing our values with the next generation.



Our teachers deserve so much more than they presently receive; they mold the next generation of Arizonians and moreover Americans.  Parents must have the right to choose the form of education that best fits their values and needs.  As a college instructor, I’m at times disappointed by the lack of academic skills in young Arizonians entering college.  I would like to see our schools produce higher skilled graduates better prepared for both higher education and critical industries often referred to as vocational.   Education must be affordable and available to all Arizonians and have a balanced approach to public & private education while preserving our public education roots.



I am not and will never be a lobbyist for any organization while holding a public office.  A legislator must be independent and free of the puppet strings of lobbyists.  The legislator is there to serve their constituents – period.